Fall Products and Backgrounds


Traditional fall portraits are the classic way to remember the school years. Customize your package with these special add-on options.

4x5 Magnet

2 4×5 Magnets with name and year

Chore Chart

Chore Chart with name (magnetic)

Fun Pack

Fun Packs include laminated bag tags, ruler, key fobs, bookmarks, doorknob hanger with student name and year

Key Fobs

Set of 3 Key Fobs with student image and year

Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag with name and year

Message Center

Message Center with name and year


Student’s first name and year will be printed in the corner of all portraits in your package

Photo Magnets

4 2×3 color magnets with name and year


Reflections with name and year


We retouch major blemishes, scrapes and scratches on face


Fall portrait backgrounds. Choose from the following backgrounds for a unique portrait.

Background 1
Background 2
Background 3
Background 4
Background 5
Background 6
Background 7
Background 8